Hello! hola!

Hi everyone,

I’m truly proud to present you the blog I’ve been lately thinking of to show you how I see the world trough my photos and share the experiences I’ve had trough out these years traveling around the world from Madrid, my place in Spain. Not being able yet to upgrade to a better camera I’m still using my “old” Canon Digital Reble XTi, camera that has bravely coped with all kind of unforeseen situations and seems like it’s gonna be everlasting… Portrayed with the photos also I’d like to leave as many details and tips as I can about the places I’m going to show, just to let you catch the whole thing about them like wether or not you’ve been there you can feel how it was for me. Even if you don’t have in mind any of these trips perhaps this would encourage you to start to thinking about making them real. To give you a push, in this map you have a hint of where are the places I mainly want to talk about.

My travels up to 2011

Currently living in Vancouver, I’m still trying to reach a competent english language level, so excuse me if either my grammar or vocabulary have any unforgiven faults and gaps. In fact, this blog has not only the purpose of showing the stuff I want to share but also I see it as a practice for my english improvement so I’ll do my best to let you catch all that I want to mean, basically because without your understanding this would be a completely worthless waste of time at least for you, but not for my english writing… 🙂 (just kidding!).

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the blog so let’s start turning me on!

If you get bored don’t hesitate to turn me off pressing the red buttom behind my ear! otherwise I’wont ever shut up!

Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World

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