9:45 am, Saturday 17th 2007. Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

I Know, I presented this space before as a travel blog, but also there’s one thing that I’d like to expose here too. This is graphic design and illustration, activity that I find so rewarded when I’m inspired enough to do it in a right way.

Here you have the last thing I’ve done since my back to Vancouver after the summer holidays. It’s an Ultraman figure I found in the internet which has been integrated with this background photo I took in Tokyo in 2007. The Ultraman was treated with an assorted exposure and paint brushes on PS and the newspaper was an individual layer I merge to it that was treated with some exposure brushes as well. I made the background photo in a kind of tilt shift technique, just to make it appear an scale rather than a real city.

9:45 am, Saturday 17th 2007. Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

Even though in a first moment I didn’t bet to much for its results, after staring at it some times I think it has a great visual impact after all.

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