Vancouver skies

After 6 months living in the same place since our arrival in Vancouver, last month we finally moved to a new apartmen in Downtown’s West End. The other one was nothing but great, located in a good area and having such an affordable rent it was in a basement though, so we couldn’t enjoy one of the best highlights of this city, the mountain views. Whereas there we just had ground and plants above the window, in the new place we got 180º panoramic views of the north shore from the heights of a 22nd. floor (so we can say that we’ve raised from hell to heaven). On the other hand, it’s smaller but the lack of space worths these gorgeous views from the balcony.

Assorted skies on stock!

Vancouver skies

In the pic it’s hard to appreciate how close the mountains are because this camera angle puts the background kind of far due to the wider of the lens in this case, however you can see the wide range of lights bathing the city trough out the day from English bay and Stanley Park in the left side to Yaletown in the right. (I’ve quite cheated avoiding raining pics, because you should know that here in RAINcouver rains a lot… 😉 )

This is actually how I see the mountains…


…and this is how Raincouver looks at night

Dark rain

The Sangri-la Hotel, tallest building in the city, beyond the Barclay Heritage Square, where the oldest buildings are.

Vancouver Sangri-La

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