The roots of Cambodia

A couple of years ago I spent some weeks travel across part of Southeast Asia where I had the privilege of visit Cambodia. It wasn’t a big deal of time but was long enough to see the wonder of Angkor, where I took this photo.

Carmen & yo en Camboya

This is probably the most famous landmark of Cambodia, and for sure the highlight of my visit, sharing honours with the iconic view of Angkor Wat. The tree is located within the Ta Prohm religious complex, among lots of khmer temples of the Angkor area, all of them spread throughout the cambodian jungle forming what once was the most populated city in the world. But this particular one is well known as the best due to the huge trees that have grown over the ancient buildings roofs. Hundreds of years of isolation have caused this incredible natural phenomenon letting the seeds grew up regardless where they dropped down, and this concrete tree was the one which became bigger than the other competitors. Located just at the exit point of the snaky trail drawn inside the temple it makes the best exit door I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, last year I saw in the news that ever since the Angkor authorities has settled down a fence in front of the tree in order to avoid possible damages to the roots, making me so lucky to have taken this picture just few time before the fence was set up!

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