Daly Waters Airfield

Daly Waters Airfield, Australia, was a centre for the London to Sydney air race of 1926, a refuelling stop for early Qantas flights to Singapore (from where we came here), a World War II Airforce base and more recently an operational base for joint military manoeuvres.

It also was an air mail service between Perth and Daly Waters. See how many stop overs the travel required in those days even within the country.

Daly water

Located in the Northern Territory nowadays it’s abandoned, being just a visitors attraction where you can slightly realize how it was during its on service years.

This is the airport’s runway surrounded by the endless orange Outback of Australia’s NT.

Daly Waters air field

As you can see the operations are no longer available in the airfield…

Daly waters

To get towards there you have two single choices. Drive about 600 km. all the way down thru the Stuart highways from Darwin in the Northern Territory’s Top End or make up your mind to drive the 1000 km. straight up from Alice Springs in the Red Centre.

I’ll further write about this highway which cut Australia from head to toe because have driven it has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had.

Atardecer en el outback

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