Top of the Rock

A must see when visiting New York is a view from the heights of either of its tallest buildings. After 11-S the Empire States took up again the title of tallest skyscraper in the city, however one drawback about going up to its rooftop is the fact that when you get there you can’t enjoy the iconic New York’s skyline with the Empire State on it… because you’re already over the building!

Empire State Building, NEW YORK

Owe to this the best choice of sightseeing remains in the Top of the Rock observatory deck of Rockefeller Center. Having gone two times before to the Empire State’s deck the last time I visited New York I couldn’t miss the compelling Top of the Rock, though.


The views are way better than anywhere else, with 3 different floors no sooner you step into it that you are above the full island of Manhattan and its surroundings in a 360º views.

The lower deck and Times Square’s lights among the buildings.

New York

The best way to make the most of the visit is visiting the top just a while before the sunset having then the chance to take photos under the “blue hour” seeing the skyline in a mixture of both day light and night.

The “Blue hour” upon Empire State and south Manhattan…


… and upon Central Park and the north of the island.


Most of people think that the world famous photos of the construction workers sitting over the beams were taken in the Empire State or even in the Chrysler Building, nevertheless actually all those pics belong to the photographer Charles Ebbets, who took them during the Rockefeller Center construction progress.


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