The very first though that comes to your mind before you first visit Mumbai is “people every where”, and indeed that will be true for sure being this city one of the crowdest in the world with over 20 millions inhabitants. But in the middle of the chaos that rules Mumbai there’s an oasis called Banganga. Moreover, this slum spreads around the atmosphere of those little rural villages we can see every where off from the cities though.

Hairy fella having a nap.

Banganga nap

The core of Banganga is a huge pool where the people have bath and do the laundry among other things, but as you can see in the pics below it’s such a peaceful shelter away from the honks and multitudes of the city. So as to get away from the infested Mumbai you just have to take a rickshaw and get there.



Banganga grandma

Walking away from the pool following the snaky streets you get to the suburb waterfront, a place where coast rocks are settle instead a promenade making not easy the walking on the shore but bears that calmness that you would see in a coastal town rather than Mumbai.

Reaching the coast.


The people use the rocky ground to dry their laundries,


But if there is something about India is worldwide know for it’s for its laundry businesses, therefore Banganga has not lack of its own.


To sum up, this little piece of the city worth spend an afternoon visiting it, not only because its beauty and oddness but because the relief it supplies against Mumbai’s chaos. So don’t hesitate to check out this place if the chance is given in the future.

Banganga Mumbai

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